Leslie Ingraham

Non-Executive Director

Mr Leslie Ingraham has over 40 years’ experience in business. He has performed the roles of Executive and Non-executive Director roles for ASX listed companies over his career.

Mr Ingraham having experienced many market trends over the years, has refined his skills in capital raising, company solvency, mineral prospecting and exploration. Core competencies include corporate advisory, investor relations, building long lasting relationships with high-net-worth investors in Australia and overseas. As well as identifying prospective projects with the greatest growth potential.

Formerly Executive Director of ASX-listed Australian Vanadium Ltd (2011-2023), Mr Ingraham took the Company from a small cap Uranium explorer (Yellow Rock Resources Ltd) to a globally recognised Vanadium project. During his time there the company divested its interest from its traditional mineral uses and into the emerging battery space, which its innovative workforce reflects. Mr Ingraham’s 12-year tenure as the longest serving executive and director with AVL, furthered his experience and ability as a leader in developing green/brownfield projects to mining readiness.

Mr Ingraham successful work as a consultant for private companies in addition to his works with publicly listed companies on the Australian Securities Exchange, has resulted in several listings on the ASX and AIM. Bryah is a product of this collective experience across private to public domains.